Camera's quit working. Can't find ZMD_SAP when trying to re-add them

My mini cams went off line,Now in trying to reinstall them using the Zmondo App. I follow the steps as defined in the users manual, but when I select the “Zink” connection. My Cell phone does not show
ZMD_SAP in the list of Thus I cannot connect to my WIFI connection. I have read some of the articles here and see where the Mini cam light must be blinking green in order to connect to ZMD_SAP. However, when I plug the camera into my power plug, it starts out as solid green, then blinking green , blinking blue and then solid blue.These changes in color are pretty fast. So how do I get the camera just to blink flashing green to see if ZMD_SAP will show in my wifi settings’ I have deleted Zmondo App and reloaded it to no avail. I understand that it takes a while for ZMD_SAP to appear in the wifi list. I have waited hours for it to appear and it does not. Appreciate any help.
When I first received my camera’s I had no problem installing them by following the procedure noted in the user’s manual. Has any thing changed in App? My initial questions about the cameras were answered here in the forum. Thanks

Never mind the questions I asked in this post…further research has enabled me to get my camera’s back online.

how did you managed to get your cameras working again?

Dave, I use Verizon cell service and a Verizon jetpack to connect to the internet . In my case it turned out that I only had to reboot my jetpack to get my cameras to reconnect. That is the first thing I do now when I have a camera/s disconnect. Hope this helps your situation.

Ok got it, thanks for the info Ray.