Camera without power or using solar


I like to get one camera for outdoor( waterproof) using battery or solar

any model?

Since zmodo cameras use micro-usb B cable for power, you can buy a usb type a cable to micro-usb B and buy any mobile power battery banks from Anker or APC.You need to make sure they cable connections are water proof and protect them with shrink tubing or electrical tape. Also you will need to have some spare batteries as you will need to replace them after the juice runs out.

We dont currently sell any all of our wifi cameras have to be plugged into a power source.

I have one of the 1080p outdoor cameras that powers via micro usb in my daughters goat barn. My solar system is from Harbor Freight Tools and has two usb power sources. I purchased a micro usb to usb adaptor and it works great! No problems as all unless the battery dies LOL.

Just remember if the solar panel doesn’t offer some sort of voltage regulation, the voltage may fluctuate, and then you burn out the image sensor on the camera.

To be fair, you can buy a 4 pack for $120, so it isn’t a big deal. I’d just recommend keeping a spare on hand.

I have the same HF how many cameras do you think it could handle and do you have it hooked up to car batteries?

I have two cameras hooked up as well as the LED lights that came with the HF system. It’s all running on a Marine Battery.