Camera keeps going offline


My camera keeps going offline. I use the ZViewer app to view and it went offline yesterday. When I got home I recycled the power and it was fine. But it’s done it again today. Getting really frustrated! Wifi seems fine


I have the same problem

Me too. Unplugging the camera from the wall power socket and replugging it back restores the wifi connection.

Anyone find a solution?

I have the same problem too and it is very frustrating!!


i recycled the wifi router and all seems to be working and after 1 day when I am on the road, all 3 of my devices go offline.
I know it is not the cable modem because I can view it active on my comcast account and when I get home, I can get into the wifi.

Zmodo- please provide a fix!!1

I’ve been having this problem for about a week with one of my four cameras and its been driving me nuts. I even created an RMA request for it yesterday.

I finally figured It out today by pure luck though. It turned out to be an ip address conflict. I have ip addresses reserved in my router for all my cameras and some other stuff. Today I happened to notice my NAS was using the ip address I have reserved for that camera.

I have no idea why my router gave it that IP address but I rebooted my NAS to make it request an address again and everything’s fine now.

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the fix is to increase the lease time in the wifi router

that fixed it

You can always use the Zmodo IPCsearch software to change the camera to a static ip address to avoid DHCP problems.

If you do that you should also reserve the ip in your router to prevent it from trying to give that ip to something else.

What I found to work was to update the zomodo app from Google Playstore and once I did that all cameras were online and working properly. I did this last night after not having any success with the steps the techs advised me to take. Know that when you update the app the display of the cameras will change.

As I said all I did was just increased the lease time to 9999 and I even can remote in to reboot the wifi router too.
No problems at all, easy peasy.

Now I just updated the device firmare and MeShare does not work but the Zomdo app works,. why?