Camera bricked after firmware update

I have six wireless cameras model ZP-IBH15-W (3 months old).

After the last firmware update to the version V8.0.1.54, one stops working (the other 5 work ok):
The camera powers up, solid green, then blinking green, then blinking blue, finally get the solid blue (it connects to the network for 5 seconds, I can see it with the IPsearch), and after that the camera resets… and starts the power cycle again…

Please, I need some help to reload o reset the camera to the original state… I am in Argentina, so sending the camera to servicing or replacing is not possible.

Thank you!

I am having issues after same firmware update. Zmodo support says update is being uploaded and should be available soon.

I keep checking but nothing so far. Real frustrating.

How far is the camera from the router, have you tried it on a different power cable. It might be rebooting since it go to a solid green.

@azonie are you having the exact issue?

The camera is not so far away from the router: 5 meters max.

I have tried differents power adapters, and have the same fault. After get the solid blue for 5 seconds, it reboots…

Could you PM me the account you use for that device.