Beam will not connect to home wifi


I have the Beam that came included with the Zmodo greet doorbell ZH-CJ44AED. When I plug it into an electric socket it lights up and after a while the green light becomes intermittent. At that point I go to the Zmodo app and try to add it as a device.
I tap at the bottom of the screen and connect to the AP-ZMD network. Success
but when I then try link to my home wireless network it never connects and times out.
I reset the Beam but no difference.

The doorbell connected successfully to my wireless network but not the Beam.

What to do?


I have completely given up on the beams, I got two different types. It either won’t connect and when I do get it to work it losses internet connection after a day or two. I want to return them but it’s to late for the store since I took so long to work on it and it took days to heat back from tech support. I got a cheap $10 repeater on eBay that works great with my cameras.


Some of the older Beams (the first couple hundred out) used a firmware that required the router to use either channel 1 or 11.
You might try changing the router channel to one of those, and then trying the setup. If that works, update the Beam’s firmware and then you can switch the router channel back.

Also, be sure not to let your phone auto-fill the SSID or password, and don’t use paste either.
Both of those add in a space at the end, which makes it incorrect.


I’ve had it with Zmodo’s doorbell. I am returning it. Can you give me the name and model number of the repeater (I wrote adapter in error) you purchased?