App crashes when switching cameras to HD

I’m using Zsight 1.3.88, and running iOS10.0.2 on my iPhone.
Everything seems to work fine, until I switch the view to HD.
Then depending on which camera I am viewing, the app crashes and send my back to my home page.

Could it be something with the app, or is it something with the phone?

It sounds like it is a resource management issue on the phone. You might try closing out apps that are running in the background.

What is the SKU# of the device? There might be an alternate app that uses less memory.

I have a model ZP-NE14-S system. You looking for the SKU on the hard drive or on the camera(s)
Closed all the apps going in the back ground. Still crashed.

If you have the ZP-NE14-S NVR system, you should be using the Zmodo app instead of the Zsight app.

I’d also look to see you are sending 2nd stream to mobile view. I’ve never had luck seeing HD main stream on mobile platform.