Amazon Echo Show not showing video from cameras

Has anyone had any luck getting wireless Zmodo cameras to work with an Amazon Echo Show? Setup found the devices and added them, but when giving a command to view a camera, it either responds with “device not supported” or “camera is taking a long time”. All cameras are running the latest firmware. According to Zmodo’s promo material, all of my cameras should be compatible with Echo Show.

Any suggestions?


Could you PM me the account the cameras are linked to?

Just sent a PM, thanks!

There is a list of supported devices on the Amazon Zmodo Skills. Only 3 devices out of 7 devices I own are compatible. However, none of the three would work, giving me the same message you got “device not supported”. I have contacted Zmodo about this. What I was told that some of the devices that are listed do not have the most current hardware installed. So this issue has nothing to do with firmware updates and there is no fix for it at this time. I expressed my dissatisfaction with Zmodo and also contacted Amazon and told them they should include this information on their skills app. I feel that both companies are using misinformation to sell their products. Disappointing!

Thanks for the information. That is disappointing. I’ve heard nothing back from Zmodo support. The compatibility with Zmodo cameras was the primary reason why I pulled the trigger on the Echo Show. This really is an example of deceptive advertising.

Well I did receive at positive response from Zmodo. They are going to RMA 2 of the 3 cameras that had the old hardware and replace them with ones that have the Echo compatible hardware. They are still reviewing that other camera to see if a possible firmware update will work. I am a little more satisfied with Zmodo now.

What did you have to do to establish a communication channel with Zmodo support? I’ve had no luck getting any response from them.

When I had to contact them, I first tried e-mail with no response. After that I went to their Twitter account and sent a DM, which did bring a response.