Alternative to ZmodoAPP?


Hi all.
I have a ZM-SS7009D8-S with V43.91.1.04

Does anyone know an alternative app for android that allows you to add a shortcut to homescreen?

I usually want to quickly open CH1 to see who’s ringing the bell. But with zmodo I have to do at least 3 clicks to get to it. It would be great to have a shortcut in my home screen directly to open CH1 in full screen



This is actually a good request for developers
@Patty is there a possibility users can provide suggestions/requests to improve the zmodo app ?


@salvalo22 indeed, there are plenty of things they could improve, buy to be honest… I don’t think zmodo has the intention to listen to their users or improve anything. There seem to be a big void in their support.

To contact the call center you have to wait +1hr in the queue.
Email contact: the answers are completely vague and you end up in nothing.
This forum… They answer every once in a while via Patty, and when you make a follow up question… nothing…

I bought these cameras more than a year ago… and haven’t been able to trust the alerts so far.

Anyways… if you find such place to suggest improvements and they’ll be taken into account… let me know! I have a list, and I assume I’m not the only one


Years ago all was kind of fine…

Nowadays the app is a battery drain, recording video isnt possible on PC anymore, recordings on the android zmodo app generates files deep in hidden folder and to top it off in a format that most android cannot read by default.

Zmodo has gone full retard and have little respect for their customer’s needs. Zmodo app doesn’t even have fast replay possibity making it a pain to retrieve incidents.

This is all so wrong…


TinyCam seems to work well for a lot of cameras i have. Im using it with the ZP-NE14-S but tinycam bypasses the NVR and can talk to the cameras direct.


Thanks @dsk

I’ve been trying to set it up, but I’m unable to add neither the NVR nor the cameras directly, any hint on how you have it set up?

you did it manually or scanning automatically?

Do I have to set up something in the NVR?

I have the ZM-SS7009D8-S


It seems connected but all frames are dropped.



We have released an an app update that will make it easier to reach live view, alerts, and playback. The android version is live the iOS version will update later today.

We do take customer feedback into consideration. We are also working hard on improving the accessibility to support . Please let me know if there are other suggestions. I will make sure the development teams receive the feedback.


I got the update on my phone this morning, really love the full screen home page, but would love to see notification toggles per camera when adding the NVR to the app. That’s the reason I removed the NVR and added all my cameras to be able to customize my alerts when in Away mode. I get notifications of all cameras when the NVR was added and no way to customize, only want to receive the alerts on 3 cameras, as these are my main entrances. Unless this was added on this latest release?

Is there a way that developers can look into adding shortcuts (widgets) for the cameras and add them to the home screen? So whenever you need to quickly look at a camera, you just hit the Camera shortcut on your home screen and boom, you can see live video of your camera? This would come very handy specially if you have someone at the door and want to see who it is before you open the door.

I think most customers here are screaming with feedback and responses from you guys, so I would suggest to dedicate a thread with all the updates or features users would like to see or at least what the development team is currently working on.


I’ve used ip cam viewer by Robert Chu on a cheap android tablet with great success with the older Zmodo cameras whose output could be accessed by ip addresses on a browser. It is password protected, gives you a grid view of all cameras simultaneously, alerts are both audible and visual, can record on the tablets, etc.

But the new Zmodo cameras can no longer be accessed by ip address on a browser. So they cannot be pulled up by ip address and therefore cannot be used on the ip cam viewer.

I’m attaching a screenshot of what the app produces (using street views instead of my cameras). Clicking on any image expands it Screenshot_20180419-074403~01to full screen. The app is what the Zmodo app should be. Instead of the dumb screen Zmodo app produces here:


I just received the new update again, after rolling back the previous revision on the Google Play store… They’re plenty of bugs in this new release. If you want to review previous alert videos, you scroll to the one you want to watch, select it and the app quits and opens again. When connected to LTE, cameras will display Camera Offline, either you have to toggle HD option to view the live cam. When the phone is connected to the same network the camera shows up live with no issues.
Also, when motion is detected on the camera, alerts are not triggered, I had a packaged delivered yesterday night were you can see the alert when theres nothing at the front door and then on the next alert you see the package, but not person when it was delivered. I tested again the issue, by me opening the door walking in and waking out and no alert on the app. Mode was set to away and the option to receive alerts from the Front door Camera.

I suggest to contact your users to test drive the app before full release in the Play Store. We as users can provide plenty of feedback for your guys to improve on the app.