Alarms not showing up in Zmodo App

Hi all.
I have a ZM-SS7009D8-S with V43.91.1.04

I don’t get it.
Why if I have 1000+ alarms in a day when I go into “Alarm Log” in the device
I only see 7 entries when I go to the zmodo android app??? (same applies to user.zmodo)

I only have 2 CH and one of them points out to the street. That’s why I set areas too.

Anyone else with the same issue?

Hi all, here I am posting again.

I figured out that shades of trees activate the alarms in the NVR. So I’ve set all to Low sensitivity. I still have a lot of false alerts, however what really annoys me is that I don’t get all alerts in the mobile app. I randomly get some

Example: Today’s first alert in the NVR is at 7.44 am … And it was a real person entering and passing through the CH1. I did not get that alert in the mobile APP


Here’s the app screenshot

This happens all the time, I randomly get some alerts (comparing with NVR alert-log). I know there is a 180 secs pause between alerts. But there are a lot of times that there is a huge gap between NVR alerts and even then, i don’t receive alerts in the mobile or user.zmodo.

Why this is happening? anyone else with this problem?

@Patty any thought?

Happening to me as well. I sometimes get alerts within the mobile iPhone App for my Wi-Fi cameras, but I am getting no alerts of any kind on my sPoE cameras (8CH 1080p sPoE Security System), although it’s flagged within the playback recording. I’ve contacted support through the mobile app, they want me to temporarily change my password and give it to them for access…this normal support protocol?

Any updates/thoughts on this? I see the alerts in the NVR system logs, but no alerts within the mobile app, except for my WiFi Cameras. No alerts on my mobile for the sPoE cameras. Only have notifications setup for “Away” mode. Thanks for any information.

Anyone alse with the same issue? Thanks Jas!

@Patty any thoughts?

1st, there are 2 types of alerts on the new platform
Major alerts and minor alerts. Minor alerts are alerts that happen without a 15 minute gap, you get a notification in your phone, and then you see “motion update” next to the major alert.

@thedude The screenshot that you provided shows the major alerts. If you select one of the major alerts, then it will show any minor alert grouped with that major alert.

Be aware that you still won’t get an alert if you haven’t had 200 seconds of stillness since the last alert.

Hi @Patty

ok, so you say there are minor and majors:

a) that’s new, where can I read about that? is there a changelog of versions somewhere in the site?

b) When you say: “if you select the major” are you talking about the mobile app or the nvr? neither of them allows let me “open” the alert. I have both updated to the last version. Also: I only see a screenshot in mobile alert instead of a video (reported here)

c) I still don’t get why in the example of my screenshots I don’t get the 7.44am one, it happens all the time

thanks for answering

Thanks for the information, however I receive no alerts on my iPhone within the Zmodo app for any of my sPoE Cameras. Now for my (2) WiFi cameras, I do receive alerts on my phone. I only have the notifications setup for “Away” mode. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Has anyone replied to this very issue, I have an sPOE system and a Wi-Fi Greet. I get limited number of Greet alerts, but no longer receive alerts from my other system…AT ALL!

No updates. I have a tech calling me Monday, we’ll see how it goes.:worried:

Zmodo Support:

11/24/17: I ordered 1080p 8CH sPoE NVR with 1 repeater & 8 cameras & 1 TB HDD.

12/14/17: Zmodo support - sent email to me seeing how the 1080p wireless security camera system is going.

12/14/17: Me - replied back stating I have the 1080p wired sPoE security camera system (SKU: ZS-2008-B-1TB) and I am not receiving any alerts on my iPhone for the sPoE cameras.

12/15/17: Zmodo support - Sent me screen shots to set the alerts On and shared for the Away mode for the system. I already had this set from reading from the forum and to set all other modes to Off.

12/15/17: Me - Sent email with screen shots showing my modes.

12/19/17: Me - Sent email asking if there are any additional steps I can try, since I haven’t heard back.

12/20/17: Zmodo support - Asking for my phone # and available time to call.

12/21/17: Me - Replied back with phone # and I was available 12/22/17 from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM (ET).

12/22/17: Zmodo support - emailed back stating they are closed from 12/22 - 12/25 due to Christmas. Asked if they can call same time on 12/26.

12/22/17: Me - Replied back, stated Monday or next weekend, or Monday 1/1/18.

12/24/17: Zmodo support - Stated technicians will call me next Monday 1/1/18 at 11 AM CST.

1/2/18: Me - emailed stating I never received a phone call and if it was possible to get a refund.

1/5/18: Zmodo support - Apologized for not calling, can they arrange another time to call. Promised to make it right this time.

1/5/18: Me - emailed stated I am available Monday 1/8/18, and if there was anything support would like me to try so I can receive alerts on my iPhone.

1/7/18: Zmodo support - replied back that the technicians will call me on 1/8 at about 11:30 CST.

1/9/18: Me - Emailed, stating I never received a phone call again and I would like a refund.

1/10/18: Zmodo support - Stated they are truly sorry about that, and they can help me with my return, provide ID# and where I purchased the item from

1/10/18: Me - Replied back with ID# and stated that I purchased it from

1/11/18: Zmodo Support - Replied back sorry they can’t refund because it’s past the 60 days of purchase.

1/11/18: Me - Replied, it was purchased on 11/24/17 9:05:11 AM CST. So no, it’s not past the 60 days.

My thoughts: They don’t call when they say they are going to call, nor do they want to refund my $$ even though it’s not past 60 days. It’s to bad Zmodo Tech Support is like this, for I really do like the sPoE cameras/NVR System.

I know this doesn’t solve anything and I am also upset that alerts aren’t working on the Zmodo app. But since they are refusing to refund you download the MeShare app. Your alerts should work on that app. Just ignore the annoying pop up you will get telling you this app is no longer supported and use the Zmodo app.

Update - I have the 8ch 1080p sPoE Kit and (2) Sight 180 C (WiFi) Zmodo Cameras. The WiFi cameras Motion Alerts have always worked within the Zmodo app on my iPhone, but not the 1080p cameras until now. I had to add each of the 1080p cameras as a WiFi camera and did not remove the NVR system. From the Home screen in the Zmodo app, click + (top right corner), select “Add Device”, select “Wireless Device and Smart kit”, select “Wireless Device”. Add each camera (pay attention to which one you are adding, so you don’t add it more then once). I then was able to update the firmware, change name, and timezone.

This did not work for me. I was not able to locate the camera when I selected wireless device. Right now I have my 720p cameras and my 1080p cameras on the same system. The NVR detects all the motion events just fine but the app is not recording this information. My alerts are set to be on in every mode but the app shows no alerts ever!

I don’t have wifi cameras… all SPOE.

I’m still facing the same situation as the 1st post of this thread. and Still waiting to understand how to select a major alert to see al minor alerts. That doesn’t happen.

You should get a paycheck for figuring this out! Adding the cameras as “wireless” device even though they are NOT wired (SPOE) is the key to getting notifications and alerts back from motion. I troubleshooted this again after taking the system down and throwing it in the basement for a few months. List of steps to getting them back for me

  1. Add NVR smart kit to zmodo app clicking “wireless device and smart kit” and then “smart kit” …this should add the NVR and allow you to do everything but get alerts
  2. Next, you need to Click the + button in the top right hand corner and select “wireless device and smart kit” then tap “wireless device”
  3. If a list of cameras don’t show immediately click back and try again. If it asks for you to “power on device” and then for a wifi password you have gone too far. This is where i was getting stuck. It appears that not every time the cameras will be found in this app.
  4. Keep clicking back and forth adding cameras and giving them names.
  5. Your home screen should now have you NVR and each camera listed separately.
  6. Go in front of the cameras and jump like a crazy person and enjoy your motion alerts!
  7. Contact zmodo and ask why in the hell these steps are missing from the instruction book.

I only have wifi cams but have similar issues. All bullet cams no longer show ANY events but after deleting all existing events from pivots, etc the app still shows there are 99+ remaining events. They must be invisible or top secret events that the consumer just cant be trusted to see…

Many issues such as these with zmodo is what lead me to ezviz and replacing this brand of camera