Adding Cameras to NVR causes them to go offline


I’ve been having trouble setting up my cameras with the NVR.

If I leave the NVR off(or turn off the Camera Auto-Add capability) and I just add each camera individually, they work pretty well with the Cloud services as long as I don’t involve the NVR. However, if I then add one or more to the NVR, the they will initially connect for a few seconds, but then go offline and the LED on top of the camera cycles between blinking green and steady blue a few times,as if it’s in a test/reset cycle or something. I can see the ZMD_SAP SSID show up when I check on my phone/computer.

Sometimes, the first camera I add to the NVR will work well, but the 2nd or 3rd added to the NVR are guaranted to exhibit the problem.
I have a Replay kit with 2 indoor wifi cameras and 2 indoor/outdoor wifi cameras.
The NVR software version is: V43.11.2.02
And the camera Versions are V7.8.1.26