Added an Antenna for Better Range

My last forum entry was deleted… at least I can’t find it, but here’s another try:

Want to get better range from your camera? Try an antenna extension.

I won’t say which one (that may be why it was deleted)… but do a search for “Camera Antenna Extension” in Amazon if you might see a selection for one that works with Zmodo.

It costs about $12.99 and works like a charm. So if you have a camera that is a bit out-of-range, try this.

I’m not affiliated with anyone selling these things… just a guy trying to get the most from my camera.


I have 3 Zmodo WiFi outdoor cameras and the Greet in the front area of our house while our main WiFi router is located near the back of the house. This caused issues with my setup…specifically delayed or no videos, stuttering, etc. In fact, I was experiencing 3000+ ms ping times. My fix was to use an old router and use it’s native wifi repeater feature. Now I get sub 10ms ping times. I also have the Zmodo Beam which came with my Greet…but I didn’t have much luck with that unit so it’s just sitting in a closet.

That’s a great idea! My old router is a different brand than my current wireless router and very old. So I doubt that it would work for me. And yes my Beam didn’t work out well or a wireless extender that I tried. Both caused issues with my other wireless devices jumping on them and causing them to lock-up.

I bought another Antenna extension and as a test it also fit my router itself. If I had 3 extra I might have kept it connected to the router, but with one I saw no increase in strength. But it is a cool idea.

Get a EERO 3 pack which replace your router. They work together to spread out the wi fi. I have 2 in the house and one in my detached garage which is metal The one out in the garage is about 50 ft from one in house and the wi fi camera in the garage is in the very back about 100ft from house. When im out in Garage after placing a EERO out there and plugged it into a wall outlet. I have full bars of wifi in the back behind my garage and out on my deck which is off to side about 30 ft away. Plus they use a app on your phone so you can monitor them. They are worth every penny spent. They have to be indoors out of the weather since they are not waterproof.

Oh wow, that’s neat! Currently everything is working nicely. But we plan on moving in the near future and hope to get a much larger property and this will be a great idea!

Thanks for the info. I found the same one on Wish for $2.00. It does not improve reception but it allows me locate the camera farther away while keeping the antenna in the same spot.


Can you tell me the size of the antenna female connector on the cameras so I can look for an extension antenna online?

Thank you much

Unless your cameras differ from mine, the antenna or extension cable needs an RP-SMA connector to connect to the camera.

RP = Reverse Polarity. This means the connector has a hole for the center conductor, while a standard SMA connector (such as the type you’ll probably see on the camera itself) has a protruding center conductor. An RP-SMA connector will be threaded on the inside, while a SMA connector will be threaded on the outside.