Accessing Cameras on Zmodo App without NVR

i recently purchased Zmodo 1080P Outdoor sPoE cameras without a NVR. i have connected the repeater to my router and the cameras to the repeater. I have downloaded the zmodo app on my phone/ipad but am unable to see camera devices on the app. The cameras and my phone/ipad are on the same network. i chatted with Zmodo support and was told that i have to have a NVR to access the cameras from the app but this is contrary to the info posted on Amazon below:

The Zmodo 1080p HD sPoE camera system is a 4-camera monitoring solution for your home or business. Setup is as simple as connecting the cameras to the 8 channel repeater and repeater to the router, then downloading the free Zmodo app, the camera system will automatically occur under your account. Once setup, you can remotely view from anywhere with a smartphone, iPad or PC. Our bank-level encrypted cloud service allows you to record footage up to 30 days and check back recordings anytime and anywhere, saving the cost and time of installing an NVR and getting rid of the worry about the loss of hard drive data once the NVR breaks down or is destroyed. Truly enjoy peace of mind no matter where you are and be notified when an unexpected issue happens.

. Please help…

If zmodo stated that the NVR is required then I would go with what they stated as they are the manufacturer. Also if cameras are spoe then its most likely an NVR is required.

If you bought a PoE camera, then you need a repeater that supports PoE as well.
Otherwise, your cameras won’t have any power.

The Zmodo NVR has PoE ports provided to power the cameras.

Thanks for the responses. Th amazon seller helped me work through these issues. My WiFi connection is dual band 2.4ghz and 5.0. My WiFi Ssid was identical for both bands. I renamed the 5ghz band, reconnected to the 2.4ghz WiFi, reboot router and now I am able to access camera. Thanks again.