A couple of questions

  1. On my ZP-NE-14-S, one of the cameras somehow didn’t change it’s password when I reset the system and started over. How can I change the password on one camera? That camera now won’t display with the firmware update.

  2. Why don’t the cameras of the ZM-SS7009D8-S show as IPC? They don’t show as having ip addresses so I can’t access them via any version of Zviewer. I can still access the cameras of my ZP-NE-14-S via Zviewer, however. Is there a setting I can change?

(answer to question 2)The IP addresses will show in the device management table in the NVR menu on the monitor connected to the system directly.

Question 1 doesn’t make sense.

AFA #1, lets say I changed the PW from 111111 to 123456. Then I did a reset of the entire system and I set the PW back to 111111.

Now when I add the cameras via IPC for Zviewer I can’t add this one camera unless I use the no longer used PW of 123456. One camera did not get the PW reset for some reason.

Thanks for answering #2. But why don’t those IP addresses show as used with a network watcher program.