8CH 1080p sPoE Security System with smart switch?

My system has the power repeater, due to the location of a camera I want to move…is it possible to use a smart switch for the sPoE camera instead of plugging it into the power repeater? What configuration is needed on the switch, for I don’t get any power on the camera when it’s plugged into the smart switch? Thanks for any information.

A Smart Switch wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t provide power to the camera.
Even a traditional PoE switch wouldn’t work, since it would provide 48V instead of 19V.

Thank you for your reply. Is it possible then to just purchase another power repeater? If so, will the cameras work by having two power repeaters on the same network?

You can have multiple repeaters on the same network without difficulty.

So far I have only found 1 seller who offers the repeater by itself. That link is below.