8 CH Wireless NVR but shows 9 spots on screen

I have 2 Wireless 8CH NVRS, one from Zmodo and another from Funlux. They both work great. But the question i have is… When you view them on the TV or Monitor, it shows “9” windows on screen for each camera and only 8 of them are used. OK… I get that… 8 windows for 8 channels… SO. Why do you have it setup for 9 camera windows if only 8 of them are used?? The last one is a waste of space…

The alternative to wasted space is to stretch everything to fit which would not give a good representation of what is on the cameras. All 8 Channel systems I have ever seen are this way. It is normal and working as expected.

I know its normal… just stupid. thats all.

Normal behavior. It is all about symmetry