3 NVR Recorders, Only 1 wont play back

I have 3 NVR recorders. Only 2 will do local playback from my phone app. The 3rd wont do it. Even though it has live feed from the cameras, when i go to “local playback” it shows “camera off line” See pics that are uploaded…Screenshot_2019-06-13-20-16-50 Screenshot_2019-06-13-20-18-01 Screenshot_2019-06-13-20-19-52
The last pic is from one of the other NVRs that shows proper playback on the cell phone app. All 3 of my NVRs are the same wireless as shown in the first pic next to the one with the cam image “Offline”. How do it change the setting for it to do local playback?

I just found the problem… Even though all the cameras were “live” on the 1 NVR. I found the Data cable came un plugged from back and now it works once I plugged it back in. I have no idea how it came un plugged. Anyhow… Problem solved.