2 Outdoor POE cameras from my kit stopped at the same time


Just as a preface, I work in the audio-visual integration industry, so am familiar with signal flow and troubleshooting, etc.

I bought a 8-ch 720p NVR system with (2) POE indoor dome cameras/(2) POE outdoor cameras about 6-7 mos. ago. (ZM-SS76D9D4-SC-1TB)

The DVR stopped recognizing the outdoor cameras, although I can tell that they are getting power, because I can see the faint glow of the IR emmitters. They will not show at all, however, either on the DVR unit directly, or the app. The indoor dome cameras DO show, and the unit recognizes them.

I have already:

  • Powered the unit on/off
  • Updated the unit
  • Switched ports on the back of the DVR (the dome cameras will show up on ANY port, but not the outdoor ones)
  • Checked to see that it is connected via the router/switch and has net access.
  • Tried the indoor dome cameras on the cable running to the outdoor cameras (and the dome cameras work, so I know it’s not the cable).
  • Factory reset the DVR.

Any other ideas? It’s pretty frustrating.

TIA! :slight_smile:



Try deleting the cameras in the device management section of the menu.


@patty I have done that as well. Sorry, I should have listed that. Now they don’t list at all.


This seems to be happening to a lot of people. On my NVR 5 cameras stopped working.


Try unplugging all cameras, factory resetting the NVR, and then reconnecting the cameras.

If you have the NVR connected to a switch, do not connect the NVR to a switch.
Connect the NVR only to a router.


I have similar problems also … except at this point I get “video loss” and only one camera drops out and shows “disconnected” BUT so far it is only two different cameras on different days. these cameras are plugged in different ports. They do not correct when “rebooted” but when ignored for a day or three they sometimes come back on. I am in the south/mild weather. NVR and system about 1-2 years old. No logic, rhyme, or reason? I love my system … when it works. Any suggestions or solutions. I would consider a replacement system if it is better or at least solve this problem … Thanks