16 CH NVR not recording, Locking up


This system is just becoming useless. Needed to see recording for a few days ago and the system locked up, all of a sudden the HHD stopped recording a few days ago. The HDD came up bad, put another WD purple 2TB drive in and within 2 days it locked up again and the WD drive was fried again.
WD will not warrant the drive any more. They system is on a high end AVR back up. I installed another HDD and it records for 3 hours and then stops, Locks up I cant do any thing. Did several Master resets, and if I take the drive out the system works fine but doesn’t record… Its only 2 years old and this is the second, NVR. Am I looking at another ??? This is frustrating, Had 8 cameras fail, and now this. help !


WELL thanks for the NO RESPONSES !!!
WD warranted the 2TB PURPLE HDD, Zmodo WARRENTEED the NVR, Plugged it all in, re set it up and after 3 hours SAME THING !!! the NVR LOCKS UP !!! Doesn’t record, and then you loose all functions. NOW a solid green light again, NO Cameras and ALL !!! Can it be a bad camera causing this ??? WHAT CAN IT BE??? ZMODO HELP !!!


What is the model of the system? When you connect the HDDs to a PC and attempt a format through the PC, what is the response that you get?

What is the output of the power supply that you are using to power the system in volts(DC) and amps?

What is the model of the back up?


Hello, thanks for helping.

Model ZP-NK16-s 1 day old
When connecting the hard drive to a PC is completely unrecognizable. it I was able to format it prior to installing in the NVR ( I tested)

The power supply is the one that came with the unit brand new out-of-the-box

The AVR battery back up that I had the system on for over a year before the first DVR started doing this is a cyberpower 1500. Since the first problem I plug the unit directly into the wall to illuminate any possibility of that being a problem.

Everything was working fine up until about three weeks ago ( System is active for over year and a half). I did have to replace six cameras that went into video loss and would not come out.). and then all the problems started so replacing the NVR and replacing the hard drive and I plugged in the unit last night into the wall directly should’ve solved all of these problems.

Again I wonder if there is a possibility that a camera could cause this?

I just don’t know if I can get western digital to warranty the hard drive again. The hard drive did come with the unit so it is possible if I had to mail it back to zMoto again they would warrantee the whole kit :-(.

Thank you.


We can warranty the entire kit including HDD if they were purchased together.

What is the output of the power supply?



Yes they were purchased as a kit.

When you say power supply you mean the small black power adaptor that came with the unit?

If so I can get that info later when I am home.
Thank you


Model SUN-1900600 19v 16a